Share more, share better

SHARE is the product of the Jixel suite that offers tools and functionalities for data sharing and data exchange between Authorities, Emergency Services, crisis management actors and critical infrastructures owners.

SHARE ensures a reliable and traceable delivery of the information that an organisation sent to other organisations. SHARE allows a total control and a complete integration of the information managed by different Authorities or Organisations during any kind of situation: among the features, the product allows the user to create user profiles, create redaction masks and segmentation pattern for tailoring the amount of information shared with any specific recipient: all in all, it is an easy and powerful tool for implementing an information sharing mechanism between Authorities in emergency situations.

SHARE allows the creation of virtual communication channels with selected Authorities and offers a straightforward interface to the configuration of the co-operative network of actors; specific functionalities for monitoring and recording the data exchange make SHARE a reliable and trustable companion for Emergency Services. SHARE is based on the CAP (Common Alerting Protocol), adopted in Italy by the Department of Firefighters (Ministry of Interior) and by the Department of Sicilian Regional Civil Protection.
Its architecture is compliant with the standards of NG112 (Next Generation 112), the new paradigm of communication between the emergency call services and message sharing (including those of eCall type). SHARE is also compliant with the EDXL-DE protocol.

SHARE fits perfectly with the other components of the Jixel family, particularly with Jixel-MANAGER for a more powerful management of emergency situations. An operator may therefore work on a collaborative map with all the information ingested by Jixel-AGGREGATOR together with those received via Jixel-SHARE. Moreover, the process for requesting information and for sending alerts to other stakeholders is greatly simplified and improved.

The user of Jixel-SHARE is every authority, institution, service or organisation that needs to communicate with other organisations on situations regarding safety and security.
SHARE may be also connected to an existing event management system; SHARE will thus create a network between the actors that want to share information, making them compatible even if they have communication system based on different standards.

The configuration requires inputs such as specific parameters and details of the organisations that the user wants to share information with. Webgenesys SPA provides consultancy services for identifying the best configuration of SHARE for the needs of an organisation. It is also possible to extend SHARE to additional exchange mechanisms and data protocols: Webgenesys SPA will assist you in performing an analysis of your needs and assess feasibility and impact of such additional features.
SHARE manages the complete interoperability of the Italian Firefighter National Corps on all Italian territory.

For the public services in the UK:

JIXEL-SHARE is available for the public services in the UK on the Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 9, the service hosted by the Crown Commercial Service. JIXEL-SHARE is supplied by Webgenesys SPA Ltd and can be found at this website.