Forest Fires Mapping

  • Jixel-INCENDI offers automatic remote sensing services capable of defining burnt areas during or after fire season.

    The service is based on a mature technology, originated from several international research projects . The products are compliant to the forest fires Italian Law n. 353/2000 which defines bans, provisions and penalties on the burnt areas (either forests or farming areas). The law introduces the possibility for the Municipalities to issue restrictions on the affected areas.

  • The Italian law defines temporal restrictions that rule the use of the burnt area: a 15-years restriction, a 10-years one and another additional restriction of 5 years.
    The administrative process provides that once the cadastral parcels affected by the fires have been identified, they must be inserted in a list which will be notified on the Municipal official noticeboard.
    For the application of such restrictions, the law provides that the Municipalities should perform a census (through specific Land Registry), of topsoils already burnt, with the support of evaluations made also on the basis of remote sensing.
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Type of services

The service is meant to provide to the Public Administration a dynamic quantitative and geographical archive of BA (Burnt Areas). This allows a strategic management of the resources and political decision-making in a time-space dimension compatible with fire phenomenology even in crisis situations. The service uses the Vis-NIR-SWIR channels of electro-optical sensors mounted on Landsat 8 and Sentinel 2A-2B platforms, with spatial resolutions between 10m and 30m.

  • The vectoral maps of the burnt areas will be in nominal scale of 1:25.000 or in metric scale 1:5.000.
  • The threshold of observation of burnt areas is defined at 1ha.

Post-processing is performed with highly-automatic, multi-patent processes. Patents: Italian patent 2003, global PCT 2004, European patent 2006, valid in all EU MS with fire risk, including Italy).

  • Service: Strategic Mapping

    • The service, upon subscription, offers a check and an update on the perimeter of Burnt Areas on every scheduled flyover of the Sentinel 2A-2B platforms (flyover every 5 days ), with possible integration with Landsat 8 platform (flyover every 16 days) If there is a persistent high level of cloud cover on one or more relevant areas.
      Observation and delivery frequency: between 5 and 1 days, maximum delay <24 hours since the event.
    • Option related to law 267/98 (“Sarno” Law Decree conversion):
      • Identification of Burnt Areas on slopes, for the continuation of post-fire erosion hazard geographical mapping and related risk maps. The outcomes are released 5-15 days, together with the abovementioned BA mapping.
      • Mapping of regrown vegetation in the abovementioned BA, for the continuation of hazard and risk levels reduction. It is released monthly.
  • Service: Law Enforcement Agencies report

    • Decametric BA (supra-cadastral nominal scale 1:25.000)

      It has the same process as the Strategic mapping, with a delivery after 30 days after the Anti-forest fire season official ending. It is finalized to the distribution to the Municipalities of Burnt Areas of the previous season, for the exact definition of cadastral boundaries of the land.

    • • Metric BA (nominal cadastral scale, guaranteed better than 1:5.000) limited to affected areas of >10ha, or selected by the competent administration.

      The process is based on post-fire, high-res satellite/aerial Vis-NIR images (with delays not longer than 60/120 days after the event, depending on the type of affected vegetation). It includes the previous decametric option.
      It includes support for the generation and/or update of BA cadastre, compliant to Law 353/00.

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Law Enforcement Metric BA Optional after decametric

Upon request

  • BA 1:5000 SCALE
  • Compliant with law 353
  • possible addition to cadastre
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