Jixel for civil protection operations: GECoS

GECoS (Gestione Emergenze e Comunicazione Sicilia – Emergencies and Communication Management Sicily) is an instance of Jixel-REGIO, re-modulated and customized by TIM following the specs of the Department of Civil Protection of Sicily. GECoS allows the management of every kind of event and emergency situation, of the resources (human assets included) and the involved volunteers’ organisations. GECoS is part of a bigger project, led by TIM, that provides IT and communicational tools, networking and hosting/Cloud equipment to the Sicilian Civil Protection.
Developed in 2015 and 2016, GECoS is hosted by TIM’s Nuvola, and represents the first relevant use of the CAP protocol by the Civil Protection. GECoS adopts the sharing mechanism based on ATOM feeds of Jixel and the EDXL family standards in order to provide a complete interoperability between the several and different actors of the civil protection system.

GECOS provides all the actors of Civil Protection systems the tools to:

  • Manage the four phases of the emergency (Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery)
  • Provide communication, data exchange and interoperability
  • Offer a Common Operational Picture of events, resources, structures, emergency plans
  • Assess early situational awareness and to follow events evolution
  • A unique, virtual, shared, cloud based Command and Control room
  • A collaborative map shared with the other organisations and authorities involved in the event
  • Allow citizens to send alerts about dangerous situations around them: Anch’ioSegnalo

GECOS is used by the actors involved in Sicily Civil Protection events:

  • Regional and national Civil Protection
  • Provincial and local headquarters
  • 9 Provinces and Prefectures
  • Citizen through the App Anch’ioSegnalo
  • 390 Municipalities
  • 600+ Voluntary Organisations
  • Road authorities, gas and electricity companies
  • Third parties, e.g. Fire Fighters, Police, Medical emergency services etc.

Among GECOS’ features

  • Connector.

    Event Management during the Response Phase

    • Creates target groups of recipients (mainly municipalities) with templates based on current control room procedures (e.g. earthquake M > 5)
    • Gathers info from citizens or from third part actors (additional inbound CAP feeds)
    • Allows the creations of CAP messages
    • Shares messages according to rules and potential target organizations
    • Reaches out to all potential members of the system via notification system and using CAP feeds
    • Notifies citizens on events, also via radio
    • Creation and Management of missions for the operators

  • Connector.

    Resource creation and management

    • Management of groups of resources
    • Allows each organisation to update the status of the resources
    • Suggests best use of resources in an emergency situation

  • Connector.

    For the Volunteers and the volunteers' organisations

    • Provides information for each professional (competences, rules)
    • Links to an emergency event
    • Manages the actions of each volunteer and voluntary organisation

  • Connector.

    For the Municipalities

    • Uploads local emergency plans
    • Notifies citizens on major events, also via radio
    • Provides local resources to GECOS
    • Deals with recovery phase activities

  • Connector.

    For the citizens

    • Sending alerts regarding dangerous situations to the Control Room of the Civil Protection using the App Anch’ioSegnalo
    • Being informed on important events and situations in their area
    • Being informed on emergency plans and procedures

..and a lot of other features, always customisable in order to meet the organisation requirements.