What’s Jixel

  • Jixel is a suite of Cloud solutions for daily events and emergencies. Jixel implements an intuitive Command and Control System, which allows a standard-based, seamless sharing of information between the involved actors, being them either on the field or in different Control Rooms.
    Jixel offers real-time information using:

    • Geography, localisation, dynamic maps
    • Information about personnel and resources within the area of the event (or approaching it), including the status of the resources and their use.
    • Additional relevant information and the potential risks in the area

    Jixel automatically adapts itself to the network conditions of the area, dynamically varying the in-transit data. Thanks to a set of dedicated apps, Jixel allows the operator to use videos from smartphones, created by citizens or operators.

  • Jixel is a complete web-based virtual Control Room. It includes all the tools for visualising, exchanging and managing data that are available on every class of devices, from PCs to smartphones.

    Jixel aggregates information from deployed sensors, Open Data, Social Media and dedicated apps: it realises the idea of using Big Data within a perspective of Smart Cities and Smart Government.

    Jixel is composed by 7 different solutions, developed for Cities, Regions, Authorities, Groups, Companies and System Integrators, plus a solution specific to the eCall domain.

    The platform implements all the communication flows through four different products: between different organisations (Share), within the same organisation (Manager), from sensors, apps and open data (Aggregator) and with citizens (Alerter).