Broadcast information to everyone

Jixel-RADIO is the product of the Jixel suite developed for the radio broadcasting of alert messages to the population. RADIO is a high-end audio switcher, to be installed at radio stations or radio bridges, which is able to receive and manage alerts formatted according to the CAP v1.2 standard. These messages can be sent by authorities, such as Civil Protection Agencies and Municipalities, using Jixel-ALERTER.
Once RADIO receives a message, it checks the intended area coverage and, if relevant, extracts the text of the alert and interrupts the current radio broadcast with the announcement reproduced by a built-in multilingual “text-to-speech” converter. At the end of the message, the normal radio program goes live again. All this is done without needing any action by the radio operators.

To install RADIO, you need only a reliable Internet access for a 365/24/7 connection with the Authorities. Our experts will do the job, delivering the system ready for immediate use. No specific maintenance is needed: in case of troubles (e.g. broken connection with the authorities), the system will flag it up for assistance.
The combination of ALERTER and RADIO is an easy, economical and efficient answer to the need for a rapid mass alerting system delivering clear and straightforward messages. Featuring a multilingual speech functionality, the system is ideally suitable for high-tourist areas or in places where international events are held.

Watch the video of Jixel-RADIO