• Jixel-API is the set of Web interfaces (REST and Web-Services) that allow to integrate Jixel with command and control solutions currently in use at the customer site. It is, therefore, the right solution for system integrators, who want to use Jixel’s functionalities without integrally migrating existing solutions on our platform.
    Among the most interesting Jixel features there are those that have to do with the world of interoperability according to the standard CAP.
    Jixel-API allows direct access of correctly formed CAP files through a set of calls to web services like Jixel-SHARE.
    In this way any command and control system capable of producing valid CAP can enter the Jixel world and use the system features to:
    • Address a CAP message to a particular recipient through Jixel-SHARE
    • Use a CAP message inside Jixel-MANAGER, after importing it with Jixel-AGGREGATOR
    • Import ANY data format, even non-standard, into Jixel (eg data from older generation sensors, text files, etc.)

    The solutions provided in Jixel-API are totally customizable to the needs of the specific customer, to the characteristics of his command and control system and to the standards used by himself. Thanks to the Jixel adoption of the ELASTIC functionality,
    our APIs allow a complete freedom in the input and output formats to and from Jixel.

    Jixel-APIs are available on customer request and pricing is defined on the basis of a specific project.

Deployment and Pricing

How we provide it

Jixel-API is available as a Saas on the Cloud or it may be installed in the Data Center of the Critical Infrastructure


Jixel-API is a solution that needs a dedicated project. Due to its complexity and the number of components, the estimate is upon request