• Jixel-INFRA answers the needs of Critical Infrastructure Managers: high-impact industries, railways, utility, etc. Jixel-INFRA is open and compatible with already existing products of this delicate domain. It can natively integrate information flows from any source. The solution is composed by Jixel-AGGREGATOR, Jixel-MANAGER and Jixel-SHARE, and it allows the management of the infrastructure, which can be geographically extended or concentrated in different facilities. Jixel-REGIO makes the user aware of the facilities characteristics, of the status ofassets and resources, and of potential emergency situations, even those with a repercussion on near areas.
  • Jixel-INFRA can be integrated with existing sensors thanks to Jixel-AGGREGATOR, so to automatically generates alarms that can be instantaneously shared with all the relevant actors (by using Jixel-Share): Jixel-INFRA is compliant with the emergency communication protocols adopted in Italy by the National Fire Corps and by some Regional Civil Protection Authorities. Jixel-INFRA is capable of sending information messages to the Critical Infrastructure users and customers. Moreover, if there are arrangements between the Infrastructure and Municipalities, it can also send alert messages to sirens and FM radios.
    Jixel-INFRA manages all the intern operativity of the C.I. Manager, including deployment units, thanks to a dedicated set of Apps.

Jixel-INFRA offers all the features of:

Communication with citizens

SMS, APP, Email, Radio, Fax
More on Alerter

Aggregate data from sensors and Internet

Open Standard, IoT
More on Aggregator

Land management, even during emergencies

For a dynamic management of the Critical Infrastructure More on Manager

Interoperability with other organisations

Standard-based, compliant with Ministerial Decrees on interoperability
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Deployment and Pricing

How we provide it

Jixel-INFRA is available as a Saas on the Cloud or it may be installed in the Data Center of the Critical Infrastructure


Jixel-INFRA is a solution that needs a dedicated project. Due to its complexity and the number of components, the estimate is upon request.