Incendio! is the first free application that allows municipality operators to send alerting messages in case of fire. It automatically calculates your location and sends geographical coordinates to the JIXEL server. The service is in an experimental phase and is only accessible by registered and authorised users.
Incendio! has been developed within the “MOS-base” project funded by FILAS S.p.A., and was born thanks to the experience gained by IES Solutions during the management of forest fires in Calabria Region in 2009 and 2010, when IES provided the Jixel suite to the Italian Department of Fire Fighting.
MOS-base combines forest fires data from different sources, integrates them, and make them available in the JIXEL web-based platform. In this way, the MOS-base cartographic system will have both data on the actions carried out on site and data from sensors and/or mobile devices, together with remote sensing data including pre and post-fire information. The project uses the CAP protocol and is compliant with the Ministerial Decrees of 17 June 2008 and 23 May 2011, regarding the transmission of data for the cooperation between emergency services. The final goal of MOS-base is to allow municipalities to produce data in order to support the preparation of periodic reports related to the fire affected areas, according to the law 353/2000, in order to define constraints on buildings for the years subsequent to the fire.
Alerting messages sent with Incendio! are significant only for MOS-base project purposes and are not in any way processed by emergency services. Therefore, Incendio! is not a substitute for emergency calls to be made to the Fire Brigades emergency number (115 or 112). It is available for iPhone and iPad.


Detection of the caller location and visualisation on the map

Creation and sharing of information about the fire (i.e. geographical coordinates such as lat/lon and further information)

Sending the signalling message to rescue operators (currently being tested and not included in the emergency management procedures)

Consultation of the map to get an overview of all the fires signalled in the area

Download Incendio! from iTunes