Forest Fires management

Jixel can be used by firefighting organisations specifically to manage forest fires. This application of Jixel provides to the Emergency Services a virtual control room that allows to create, share, receive and visualise information related to forest fires.
The web application is customised according to the needs of Emergency Services that require it, considering the specific needs and organisational structures.

Jixel allows to create, manage, receive and share information about fires. Emergency Services that uses Jixel are able to create different messages depending on the type of information to be inserted (event type and details, resources, structures).
The application permits to insert all the information that can be relevant for the message, e.g. the type of fire (forest, bushes, etc), the type of resource needed and used (land vehicles, helicopters, etc.), the type of structure, and other information about location, caller and a more detailed description of the event, including notes and instructions.
Moreover, with Jixel-AGGREGATOR it is possible to receive information about the event from citizens, Social Media and public channels. All the information created using the Jixel interface can be accessed by the intended recipients and displayed on the geographical interface.
With a combination of map view, synthetic textual presentation and full-details presentation, Jixel allows users to have an overview of the evolution of the situation in a selected area. Users may filter information according to several criteria, search a given location, be updated in real time with messages coming from AGGREGATOR and SHARE.
Other than the four suite products, Jixel offers additional solutions for the management of forest fires: the apps Incendio! and AIB (in its Pro and Lite versions), which allow to receive information and reports from citizens and professional operators. The information sent can be more or less detailed, depending on the version and the organisational level.


Control Room for forest fires management in Calabria and Sicily Regions

Jixel has been used by firefighting organisations in Calabria and Sicily Regions to manage and share information about ongoing fires between the unified coordination body of Emergency Services (Firefighters, Civil Protection, Corpo Forestale dello Stato – State Forestry Corp).

The Jixel application has been customised taking into account the particular organisational structures.
For example, the AIB organisation for the Calabria region has been organised according to three decision-making levels:

Control Room

The control room receives the emergency calls and, thanks to Jixel, makes them immediately available to the operators (Firefighters, Civil Protection, etc.). It is composed of:- VVF (Provincial headquarters of Vigili del Fuoco)- PROCIV (Civil Protection)- CFS (Corpo Forestale dello Stato – State Forestry Corp)- AFoR (Azienda Forestale della Regione Calabria – Forest Agency of Calabria Region)


COP stands for Centro Operativo Provinciale – Provincial Operational Centre, and there is one COP per province (5 in total). It decides if, when and how many resources have to be sent for the intervention. It frees resources or moves them to other places. It may request the use of Fire Fighting Aircrafts (e.g. Water Bomber).


It stands for Sala Operativa Unificata Permanente – Permanent Unified Control Room. The SOUP works at a regional level, oversees the evolution of the situation on the basis of statistics on provinces, manages Fire Fighting Aircrafts, substitutes COPs in the night.

On the basis of the above decision-making levels, Jixel allows to enter information and to view messages created throughout the whole region or in a single province (depending on the user’s authorisation level). Furthermore, through Jixel-SHARE and Jixel-AGGREGATOR the users can be updated on the on-going events through real-time messages from COPs or operating rooms of the various provinces.