For the Public Administration: a single access point to the universe of services related to the territory


Jixel-CITES provides on a web-based geographical interface all the tools for an integrated management of a City, from field data gathering to personnel and assets management. The solution is available for different applicative scenarios, all based on the idea of a “Virtual Control Room” in a concept of SMART CITY.



Jixel-REGIO has been developed for the needs of organisations that require communication, control and coordination at regional level. It provides a complete osmosis between Municipalities, Region and Local Entities. Jixel-REGIO is used by the Sicilian Regional Civil Protection Department.



Entities and Network of entities (Associations, Ministries, Consortia, Multi-level companies) competent for land management use Jixel-NET to have under control the event and the deployed resources. All by sharing on the Cloud information and experiences. Jixel-NET is used by the Italian Firefighter National Corps.



Small working groups, such as Volunteers Organisations, may use Jixel-GROUP for their needs, which include the management of events and deployed personnel. This is the entry solution, regarding both functionalities and price.


For private companies: Jixel potentialities for Infrastructures and System Integrators

Critical infrastructures

Critical and non-critical Infrastructures (industries, oil refineries, transports, telecommunication, utilities) managers use Jixel-INFRA to share information about potential criticalities that may have a large-scale impact.

System integrators

Companies that develop integrated solutions may use the API of each Jixel product to realise personalized solutions for their clients..


Jixel allows an effective sharing of information and messages thanks to the use of international, open standards such as CAP (Common Alerting Protocol). CAP, used globally for the exchange of alerting messages, has been adopted as the Italian National standard for interoperability by the Department of Firefighters (Ministry of Interior). The Department uses JIXEL at National level to exchange information between provincial control rooms, as well as for communication at regional and national level. Other than CAP, JIXEL is compliant to the European European NG112 architecture, supports the EDXL family standards, applies the codes defined by the EMSI standard and uses the ATOM standard for the distribution of the messages. JIXEL is also capable of managing the exchange of information generated by eCall systems. Learn More >
Jixel ensures communication and information exchange between different organisations thanks to the use of international communication standard protocols. The Jixel suite is open and compatible with the different existing data formats: it allows the user to receive, elaborate and send information without any loss from the original data.
Being able to start an event management process without actually being in a Control Room: JIXEL can be accessed from any device. The suite keeps all it functionalities and guarantees a prompt and efficient emergency management on any kind of device: smartphone, tablet, notebook, desktop. A single product, a combination of products or the whole suite: JIXEL will always meet your needs.

Jixel may be implemented with different configurations: on Cloud, on-premises or with a hybrid combination of both. Thanks to its versatility, it is compatible with any kind of existing system and infrastructure. JIXEL has adaptors that may be customised following specific technical needs.
Data protection is fundamental, even more if the data are shared between organisations during emergency situations. JIXEL uses standard protocols, encrypted communication and password-protected data, ensuring the protection of your data. A system must not only be secure, it also needs to work with every condition: JIXEL ensures the system’s operational continuity even in severe conditions and with a poor network connectivity, thus guaranteeing the complete availability of the suite.
JIXEL is a suite composed by a set of tools required for a complete management of events and emergencies; it is composed by JIXEL-AGGREGATOR, which collects and groups information, by JIXEL-ALERTER, which sends alert messages, by JIXEL-SHARE, which allows the sharing of information between organisations and by JIXEL-MANAGER, which enhance the effectiveness and the promptness of event management. The suite is totally modular and versatile: it is possible to choose, create and change the composition of the suite following you needs.