• Speed, coordination and an efficient information sharing between different authorities are the keys to effective and prompt actions. It is fundamental to have a common picture of what is happening during the management of day-to-day or emergency events, which require a rapid involvement of several assets deployed across the territory. In the case of an entire region, different control rooms are often called to co-operate. Operators from services with different specialisations (Civil Protection, Health services, Firefighters) and/or with a different area coverage need to share a common geographical picture and a common set of data on which to work together.
  • Jixel-REGIO has been developed keeping in consideration the requirements of the organisations that need communication, management and coordination at regional level. It provides a complete osmosis between Municipalities, Region and Local Authorities. Its core: allowing to communicate with other organisations using standard protocols, adopted by the Italian Ministry of Interior, and to notify through SMS, email and Fax. Jixel-REGIO is suitable for different operational scenarios, from environmental management to civil protection. It makes the concept of “Virtual Control Room” real: distributed and resident in the Cloud or in high-performance, redundant data centres.
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Jixel-REGIO offers all the functionalities of:

Communication towards citizens

Not available
SMS, APP, Email, Radio, Fax
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Aggregate data from sensors and Internet

Open Standard, IoT
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Land management, even during emergencies

City management
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Interoperability with other organisations

Standard-based, compliant with Ministerial Decrees on interoperability
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Upon request

Jixel-REGIO needs a specific and dedicated configuration. Due to the complexity and number of components, it pricing is upon request.

In a nutshell:

COLLECTS and aggregates DATA

  • IoT

    Jixel-CITIES collects data from IoT sensor based on NBIoT technologies.

  • Open data

    Jixel-CITIES is compatible with any Open Data format, geographical and non-geographical.

  • Standard and not

    Jixel-CITIES integrates information flow from communication standard protocols and it is compatible with any inbound format.

  • Social media

    Jixel-CITIES can “listen” to the Social Media buzz, aiming at a Crowd-sourcing of relevant information.


  • Visualise aggregated data

    The collected or existing data are shown on a web-based, multi-layer geographical interface, using Augmented Reality technology.

  • analise and consolidate

    Data may be grouped, historicized, analised and extracted to graphic reports defined by the user.

  • Manage

    The user canuse a Virtual Control Room to follow what is happening and check the availability of assets distributed over the territory.

  • intervene

    From remote control of automatic devices to personnel deployment, Jixel-CITIES turns the concept of “Command and Control” real.


  • Civil Protection

    Jixel-CITIES may be used for Civil Protection activities such as planning, alerting, response and post-emergency.

  • environment

    Jixel-REGIO may be used for environment management: forests, natural reserves, protected areas.

  • Information and alerts

    Jixel-CITIES allows a bi-directional communication between citizens and Municipalities for information and alerts.