• Jixel-NET answers the needs of Authorities (or networks of Authorities) that require a Cloud-based solution for Land Management compliant to the criteria of the Italian Public Administration IT Triennal Programme 2017-2019. Jixel-NET offers characteristics similar to those of Jixel-CITIES, with the exception of sensors management and communication towards citizens.
  • Jixel-NET meets the requirements of a complex Authority: one with strategic and/or functional sectors, and a potentially high number of employees that work on several and different tasks. This is possible thanks to the possibility of profiling competencies and responsibilities of each employee. The solution includes the control of the accesses to strategic areas, as well as the possible interoperability with other authorities, thanks to Jixel-Share, and with all the specific apps that allow the tracking of the assets.
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Jixel-NET offers all the functionalities of:

Communication towards citizens

Not available
SMS, APP, Email, Radio, Fax
More on Alerter

Aggregate data from sensors and Internet

Open Standard, IoT
More on Aggregator

Land management, even during emergencies

City management
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Interoperability with other organisations

Standard-based, compliant with Ministerial Decrees on interoperability
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Upon request

Jixel-NET needs a specific and dedicated configuration. Due to the complexity and number of components, it pricing is upon request.

In a nutshell:

COLLECTS and aggregates DATA

  • Open data

    Jixel-CITIES is compatible with any Open Data format, geographical and non-geographical.

  • Standard and not

    Jixel-CITIES integrates information flow from communication standard protocols and it is compatible with any inbound format.


  • Visualise aggregated data

    The collected or existing data are shown on a web-based, multi-layer geographical interface, using Augmented Reality technology.

  • analise and consolidate

    Data may be grouped, historicized, analised and extracted to graphic reports defined by the user.

  • Manage

    The user canuse a Virtual Control Room to follow what is happening and check the availability of assets distributed over the territory.

  • intervene

    From remote control of automatic devices to personnel deployment, Jixel-CITIES turns the concept of “Command and Control” real.