• Jixel-GROUP meets the needs of a small working group (e.g. a volunteers organisation) that requires an agile, Cloud-based solution for the management of assets and resources during day-to-day events and emergency situations.
  • It has been developed keeping in consideration the operational needs of working groups that need to move often across the territory to intervene. It includes some of the most complex Jixel solutions. It is also possible to integrate Jixel-GROUP with optional modules such as Alerter and Share.

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Jixel-GROUP offers some of the functionalities of:

Communication towards citizens

SMS, APP, Email, Radio, Fax
More on Alerter

Aggregate data from sensors and Internet

Not available
Open Standard, IoT
More on Aggregator

Land management, even during emergencies

Customised for the needs of a working group
More on Manager

Interoperability with other organisations

Standard-based, compliant with Ministerial Decrees on interoperability
More on Share

Monthly fees

Up to 10 users - SMALL


  • Monthly fee
  • Cloud costs
  • Setup: 400€ one-off payment
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Up to 50 users - Medium


  • Monthly fee
  • Cloud costs
  • Setup: 600€ one-off payment
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Up to 200 users - Large


  • Montly fee
  • Cloud costs
  • Setup: 1200€ one-off payment
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Above 200 users

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(1) Users may access Jixel-GROUP with their user name and password. The same applies for Jixel-LOC.
(2) Each plan has set-up costs that vary depending on the number of users. These costs include the customisation of the platform following the needs of the working group.

Optional services and products


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  • Interoperability with other organisations
  • Real-time connection with Civil Protection and Firefighters
  • Connection with other working groups
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  • Social Networks
  • APP, SMS, Email
  • Pay-as-you-go phonecalls
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Excluding VAT

In a nutshell:


  • Visualise aggregated data

    The data collected or existing in Jixel-GROUP are shown on a multi-layer, web-based geographical interface.

  • Manage

    The user has a Virtual Control Room to follow what is happening and check the availability of assets distributed over the territory.

  • interviene

    Jixel-GROUP uses the JixelLOC app to turn the concept of “Command and Control” real.