• Jixel-eCALL is the solution that allows Third Parties Service Providers (TPSP) to share with PSAPs the information included in eCall messages received from vehicles in case of emergency.
    The European Parliament has stated that all the cars and light vans manufactured in the EU after 31 March 2018 shall equip a 112-based eCall in-vehicle system. The European Commission will have to evaluate before 2021 an extension of the Regulation to other types of vehicles, such as trucks and busses. The Regulation should also be extended to Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.
    eCall is the service that allows the sending of a message from a vehicle to emergency services in case of need. The system is composed by a device installed in the vehicle, capable of communicating with PSAPs or TPSPs, which will have to forward the message to the PSAP.
  • The EN 16102 standard defines two ways to provide an eCall from a vehicle: a direct connection with the 112 PSAP or with the TPSP. The latter method include the mandatory forwarding of the information from the TPSP to the PSAP.
    The eCall message is composed by a mandatory set of data known as MSD (Minimum Set of Data). The TPSP may forward to the PSAP also additional data (TSD – TPSP Set of Data) with other information that may be useful for a more efficient operation.
    Webgenesys implemented Jixel-eCALL while participating to a EU-funded project, I_HeERO, which defined the requirements and the specifications of the communication between eCall devices and competent infrastructures (TPSPs and PSAPs).

The service

  • Jixel-eCALL provides the link between the TPSP that receives the eCall message and the PSAP, to whom the message has to be forwarded. The Jixel-eCALL users are TPSPs that need to be compliant with CEN (European Committee for Standardization) standard EN16102. In compliancy with the Annex B of the EN16102 standard, the message is forwarded using CAP (Common Alerting Protocol), the communication standard on which the Jixel suite is based.
  • According to the eCall provisions, TPSPs must forward the eCall messages to the most appropriate PSAP; this means that TPSPs should be able to establish a data connection with a large number of PSAPs that have different legacy systems – a very demanding task. Jixel-eCALL offers an easy an efficient solution: a single interface for all PSAPs.

Deployment and Pricing

How we provide it

Jixel-eCALL is available as a Saas on the Cloud or it may be installed in the Data Center of the costumer.

Upon request

Jixel-eCALL is a solution that needs a dedicated project. Due to its complexity and the number of components, the estimate is upon request.