Success Stories

Even if JIXEL is flexible enough to be used for any type of event or emergency, from minor to major ones, it is particularly suitable for the management of large-scale and complex events, which require the deployment of a large number of human and instrumental resources: such cases can be, for example, to Civil Protection operations, forest fires seasons, earthquakes or severe weather events.
Being fully customisable, JIXEL allows Emergency Services to get a product configured specifically for the type of events to be managed by the organisation (multi-type events, such as for civil protection organisations, or specific types, such as floods). We wanted to highlight three main applications of JIXEL to show its adaptability in case of different events: earthquakes, forest fires and Civil Protection events.


JIXEL has been used in 2009, during L’Aquila earthquake, for assessing and managing the reconstruction of the buildings, and in 2012, during the Emilia Romagna Region earthquake to monitor and manage the rubbles and debris caused by the disaster.

Forest fires

JIXEL has been used by Italian Firefighters in 2009 and 2010 during the forest fires season in Sicily and Calabria Region. The efficiency of the suite has been recognised with “the Innovation and Security” award at the TechFOr 2011

Civil Protection

since 2015 is been provided to Sicily Region Civil Protection (under the name GECOS – Gestione Emergenze e COmunicazione Sicilia) for the management of any kind of event and emergency, and it includes the management of resources, missions and involved voluntary organisations.

Do not forget, those are just examples of possible applications of Jixel: it can be used in the management of any kind of event.