Anch’ioSegnalo is a APP available for iOS, Android and Windows devices that allows citizens to send alerts about dangerous situations around them (within the Sicilian territory) directly to the Control Room of the Civil Protection of the Sicilian Region. The Control Room will receive the alerts on the GECoS platform, so to check their reliability and evaluate the need to intervene. Anch’ioSegnalo has been developed on the basis of m-Jixel for the Regional Civil Protecton Department of Sicilian Region.

How it works

Anch’ioSegnalo in steps: user registration, login, type and sub-type of the event selection, event location, a description, at least a photo and the sending of the alert.


In order to be able to register you need to:

  • Allow the App to use GPS location and camera
  • Be within the the geographical boundaries of he platform, which include Sicily, minor islands, part of Calabria Region
  • Register on the platform, after having accepted the terms of use and the privacy policy and the processing of personal data


In order to log in you need to:

  • Use as username the email provided when registering
  • Be within the Sicilian territory
  • Insert the password provided when registering
  • Now you can login with your Facebook or Twitter Account!

It is always possible to request a new password if the old one is lost/forgotten.


In order to send an alert you need to:

  • Select a type and a sub-type of the event you want to alert about
  • Have a working internet connection (better if 3G or LTE since the alert contains at least a photo)
  • Provide a description of the event
  • Take at least a photo that represents the event

Terms of use

The alerts sent with Anch’ioSegnalo will be considered by the Sicilian Civil Protection – DRPC, which will decide whether to intervene and how. People who send the alerts, could be contacted for further information or for clarifications. Anch’ioSegnalo MUST NOT be used for emergency distress calls and DOES NOT REPLACE emergency calls: in case of imminent danger, citizens should ALWAYS make a call to the emergency numbers. The inappropriate use of Anch’ioSegnalo will be reported to the competent authorities. From February to April 2017 the data, will be used anonymously by the European project EMERGENT (grant agreement no 608352), for usage statistics and effectiveness analysis


To select the type and the sub-type of the event, the user can use the button panel. The alert will be linked to the type and sub-type marked with a green frame.
The user must type a description of the event and attach at least a photo (maximum 3) that represents the situation. Without these elements, the App will not allow the alerting.
Descrizione e foto
Anch’ioSegnalo calculates the location of the user when starting the App. The location and the address will be automatically reported in the alert.
Anyway, the user can change the location by moving the mark in the map or by searching a different address.
These two elements are limited within a blue circle centred on the current location of the user.
Once all the needed information are provided, the user can send the alert just by clicking on the “Send” button (in the upper right). Before sending, the user must confirm to be aware of the terms of use of the App, in particular of the fact that Anch’ioSegnalo does not replace an emergency call and it must not be used for situation in which the life of the user is in danger.
On the login window the user can start the procedure for modifying the password. This procedure can be useful if the user lost/forgot his/her password. In order to change the password, the user must insert the email address and provide a new password. The authentication will be made through an email with an activation link.

What happens in the Control Room

When a new alert is received, GECoS performs a quality control on it. The quality index is a decimal number between 0 and 1, being 0 a poor quality alert and 1 a good quality one. The index value does not guarantee that the alert is actually useful for identifying potential events or enrich current events with additional information; the effective evaluation of the alert is entitled to the operator. The users that send several alerts with a poor quality could be excluded from the system and reported to the competent authorities.
The alerts marked with a high quality evaluation will be really important for the enhancement of the performance of the Sicilian Civil Protection system, so you better alert well!

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