Alert the population efficiently

Jixel-SIRENE is the solution that Jixel offers for the alerting of the citizens that reside in areas with high vulnerability to rapid disasters such as tsunami, landslides and floods. SIRENE is based on the installation of high sound-related efficiency sirens, which are activated through CAP messages sent by Jixel-ALERTER: this combination ensures maximum efficiency regarding activation and correct functioning of the alert chain.

The partnership between Webgenesys SPA and the German company Hörmann, leader in the alerting sirens domain, has produced a cutting-edge solution, suitable for different geographic scenarios and customer needs in terms of alerting: areas to be alerted, guaranteed sound volume and activation methods are part of the project phase that precedes the installation and launch phase.

The combination of Jixel-ALERTER and Jixel-SIRENE is an easy, economic and efficient solution to the need of a prompt alert to the population in case of events that require a planned evacuation, even in high-touristic areas. The integration of Jixel-SIRENE and Jixel-RADIO with the alerting channels offered by Jixel-ALERTER creates a powerful system, available to mayors and civil protection authorities, which meets the needs of population alerting during catastrophic events.