Send information to everyone

Jixel-ALERTER is the product of the Jixel suite that allows those responsible for citizens’ safety to send out alerts and messages related to emergency situations in a multi-channel and widespread way.

ALERTER includes an easy web-based interface for the creation of the messages to be sent and for the selection of the time of sending and of the channel(s) to be used. The user can specify if a message is addressed to the general public (citizens) and/or to specific local communities or districts (e.g. schools, associations).

Like the other components of the Jixel suite, ALERTER is web-based and distributed as a Cloud service: it is accessible, via browser, from any device connected to the internet, being it a notebook, a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone.

The users of ALERTER are Municipalities, Institutions and volunteers organisations that need to inform or alert citizens about significant events, as well as Infrastructure Managers that needs to alert their personnel.

A specific use case of ALERTER is the broadcasting of public interest information through FM radio channel. In this case, the system can reach the Jixel-RADIO devices, installed in radio stations or radio bridges, which will broadcast the information as a voice message, automatically interrupting the normal programming.

It can be customised depending on the role of the organisation and on the aims of the communication to the public.

The basic configuration includes the following channels:
• The website of the organisation
• Main Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
• Email
• m-Jixel-AE app for smartphones, with push notifications

Optional additional channels are:
• Radio stations equipped with Jixel-RADIO (see specific documentation)
• SMS, fax and phonecalls (pay-as-you-go)
• Sirens compatible with CAP v.1.2 standard
• Advertising banners on third-party websites

Other mass alerting systems compatible with ALERTER are:
• TV Broadcasting
• Websignage systems
• VMS (Variable Message Signs)

Watch the video about Jixel-RADIO

For the public services in the UK:

JIXEL-ALERTER is available for the public services in the UK on the Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 9, the service hosted by the Crown Commercial Service. JIXEL-ALERTER is supplied by IES Solutions Ltd and can be found at this website.