AIB – Anti-Forest Fires

Jixel provides a solution dedicated to the alerts of forest fires: the AIB (Anti Incendi Boschivi) application. In 2009 and 2010, the Jixel suite has been used by Italian Department of Fire Fighting to manage forest fires and wildfires in Calabria Region (winning also the “Innovation and Security” award at the TechFOr 2010), and from that experience Webgenesys SPA has developed two applications: Incendio! and AIB. There are two available version of the latter: AIB Pro, reserved to registered professional users, and AIB Lite, the version for demonstration purpose.
AIB is ideal for professionals in environmental and civil protection, and is a powerful tool for those who want to inform Emergency Services about forest fires rapidly and efficiently. It is compliant with the Ministerial Decrees on data interoperability issued by the Italian Ministry of Interior and may help emergency managers in organising faster and better operations.

AIB in action

AIB Pro allows professional operators to send alerts on forest fires to their organisations, which can get a wider picture of the on-going event and better organise the needed actions. With AIB you may send detailed information on what you are observing (e.g. smoke or actual fire), its specific features (e.g. smoke appearance and inclination), the location of the fire and the actual meteorological conditions on site. You can also specify what is actually burning and how, as well as some technical indicators (e.g. the Campbell Prediction System, CPS) and additional hazards (e.g. urban areas close-by).

AIB Pro requires a registration and the possession of a coupon that connects the APP to the local forest fire management scenario (the coupons are released by Webgenesys SPA to requesting organisations). Do not download this app if you do not have a coupon issued by your organisation.

AIB Lite is the demo version of AIB Pro, and requires a registration. Alerts are sent for demonstration purposes only and currently are not processed by Emergency Services in any way, but are only made available for being visualised with the Jixel suite of products after login. Therefore, AIB Lite does not replace genuine emergency calls to be placed through the available emergency numbers.

The current version of the APP is in Italian only.

Download AIB Pro

Download AIB Lite