Collect data from everywhere

Jixel-AGGREGATOR is the product of the Jixel suite that allows to collect and visualise on an interactive map information and notifications from authorities, agencies, public bodies, sensor networks and citizens. It is easily configurable to select information sources and perfectly suitable for keeping the user informed about day-to-day situations as well as emergency situations, in order to be always updated and ready to take measures and inform other operators and organisations on the status of the situation.

As the other suite products, AGGREGATOR is web-based and it is distributed as a Cloud service: it is accessible through browser from any device connected to Internet, being it a notebook, a tablet or a smartphone.

AGGREGATOR is a simple and flexible tool that offers a complete overview on a selected area, showing on a map and in textual format, the information that several organisations make available as public information. For example, it is possible to integrate information and notifications for weather forecast from Italian Air Force, seismic-related info from national and international institutes, info for events related to various risks from civil protections or firefighters. AGGREGATOR is also capable of receiving and showing the alerts from citizens if sent with the Jixel-family App: these alerts can be either textual and photographic, and always indicating the geographical position, so that the user can immediately locate the citizen.

AGGREGATOR can be seamlessly integrated with Jixel-MANAGER for building a collaborative map on running events: the merging of information from public channels with those from citizens and other organisations involved in emergency management certainly provides a fast and powerful tool for an efficient decision making during emergencies.

AGGREGATOR is provided as a SaaS (Software as a Service on the Cloud) and it is configured and customised depending on the client’s requirements.

The communication channels available with the standard configuration are:

  • m-Jixel: the APP for smartphone that allows citizens to report dangerous situations
  • CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) public Feeds
  • Geo-referenced open data (such as WMS and WFS files)
  • Atom/RSS Feed/geoFeed defined by the user

Optional channels:

For the public services in the UK:

Jixel-AGGREGATOR is available for the public services in the UK on the Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 9, the service hosted by the Crown Commercial Service. Jixel-AGGREGATOR is supplied by Webgenesys SPA and can be found at this website.