115-for-deaf is the application of the Jixel family that allows deaf people to interact with italian Fire Brigades emergency number (115), sending help requests and getting instructions directly from the control room.
For the user, the system consists of a web application that can be used from any fixed location and mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) with an internet connection, and requires the user to complete the registration before being used. The procedure for distress call is facilitated through presentation to the user of a series of buttons associated with some types of danger, therefore the user will simply have to click the button for the type of request and possibly write text to provide more information. When the request is sent, the operations room of the Fire Department receives notification of the alert and the intervention will take place as if the request was received by phone. Once the user submits his request, he’ll wait for the Fire Brigade reply, shown on the screen.

The Control Rooms that receive such type of alerts use Jixel-ALERTER and Jixel-AGGREGATOR to view, take charge of and reply to the calls received by deaf people, as well as generating alert messages.
This application is the most advanced and sustainable solution in the world to solve the problem of the emergency call when you cannot talk. The application, owned by the Italian Fire Department and developed with European Funds together with the Venetian section of the National Association of the Deaf (ENS), won the first prize at the salon TechFOr 2011. The system has passed the tests in the province of Venice and can also be used in other provinces.