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JIXEL: information and data exchange between Emergency Services Control Rooms

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Get started with JIXEL

Get started with JIXEL

Single user

With the following registration request, you will be able to use the demo version of JIXEL Online as a single user, free for 30 days.

The demo version of JIXEL allows you to have access to the key features and become familiar with the platform.

Once you register you will receive the details to start using JIXEL.

Once you register, please read the JIXEL User Manual and watch the video-tutorials on our site.

Working Group

With the following registration request, you will receive the details to use JIXEL Online for free, for 30 days. During the trial period, you will be able to experiment a realistic interoperability scenario for exchange and sharing of information between emergency organizations or operating rooms, configured as follows:

  • a working group, corresponding to a geographic and decision-making area of your choice, where each organization participating in the trial operate
  • 3 'PSAP' (different emergency organizations or different operating rooms of the same organization), cooperating with each other by sharing information during the management of emergency situations
  • 1 user account for each PSAP, plus 1 account for the working group administrator

Once you register, please read the JIXEL User Manual and watch the video-tutorials on our site.

JIXEL supports internationally adopted open standards to facilitate emergency information sharing between government entities and the full range of emergency-related organizations. The technical and operational requirements may seem complicated, but, more importantly, what would be the advantages for those who want to invest to achieve this sharing of data?

You can discover how easy it is to create a joint operating room to share incidents information and update colleagues on the evolution of the situation. With a quick and easy registration wizard, you can verify the operational benefits that justified the adoption of the CAP protocol for the exchange of data, and the potential for improving management operations of an event, both on small and large scale.

The map presentation of the incidents, and the opportunity to know the WHAT, WHERE, WHO and HOW of the various events within your area of competence, is the best demonstration of the benefits of the technology JIXEL, developed by IES Solutions according to the dictates of the Ministerial Decree.

Two years of use in the Calabria region in combating forest fires have shown how JIXEL makes possible, in a very simple way, an efficient cooperation between relief agencies. As stated in the ForumPa 2010 "Thanks to the use of this web platform, the interventions in which more resources than necessary have been involved, have been reduced by 100%, and thanks to the more efficient use of these resources the arrival times' have been reduced by 40%. Therefore, the area covered by fire was proportionately reduced".